Beer at the Queens Arms

Here at the Queen’s Arms we are passionate about real ale and proud about the high quality of the beers we serve. With good cellar management, real ales keep their liveliness and full flavour.

One visiting brewer commented that while brewers infuse so much care into producing fine quality cask ales, so often the pubs kill it! (actually, he said ‘f… it up’!). Well, here we give our ales all the aftercare they deserve, and that is reflected in the drinking experience: a lovely foamy head, leaving a lasting lace on the sides of the glass; a clear scent, be it fruity or citrusy or hoppy; a distinctive mouthfeel texture, and good consistency from beginning to end.

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Hand pumps

We currently have six hand pumps serving cask ales, and they all get changed frequently – when the beer runs out, that’s typically every few days. Seasonal specials are on tap when available. One pump always serves a quality ‘bargain beer’ at a discount price.

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